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ISD/s Emerging Leaders Initiative is an exciting new program designed to help up-and-coming fluid sealing industry professionals learn from experts in their field, broaden their current knowledge base, establish a professional community of peers, and collectively develop ideas and methods to create industry transformation and innovation.   

"I am really pleased with how the Emerging Leaders Initiative is coming along. It's great not only to have the outside perspective from the industry that I normally wouldn't find, but the [recent] presentation from Dave Antoline, has really given me a lot to think about, work and grow with. Thanks"  Michael Hanson, Sales Assistant, RT Dygert International.

ELI supports the development of industry leaders by providing them with a venue for discussion, debate, networking, and the opportunity to learn from established industry leaders.  ELI will connect members interested in brainstorming ways to creatively bring the industry into the future by conducting a series of quarterly teleconference seminars, and through the delivery of workshops and sessions at ISD's Annual Sealing Summit that will focus on topics and content geared towards strengthening their position as professional industry leaders.

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NOTE: This program is exclusive to ISD members only.